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What happens next?


You'll hear from me

Give me a couple of days to assess your enquiry. I'll come back and let you know if your project is something I can help you with. If that's the case, I'll send you a project questionnaire to get an overview your project goals, challenges, target audience etc.

Video call

I'll let you know a perceived complexity of your project and a rough scope number. We'll schedule a call to discuss details if you are keen to proceed. We'll discuss the project requirements in more detail that I'll use to provide you with an itemized project estimate.

Project scope & proposal

At this stage I'd send you a detailed project scope and a project proposal to sign. Take your time to review the inclusions, estimated launch date and the terms of the project delivery. We'll kick off once the formalities are settled.

Frequently asked questions

How is my project billed?

I bill projects on hourly basis with 25% deposit payment upon acceptance of the project proposal. There will be 3 more invoices that I send as the project progresses: 50%, 75% and 100% through.

My hourly rate is USD $50 and the smallest website build (landing page) usually takes a minimum of 25-35 hours to complete. This doesn't include cost of hosting subscription, domains or assets required to complete the project.

How many project revisions I can have?

When providing you with the project scope, I indicate 'in scope' and 'out of scope' efforts/resources/assets. I usually include a minimum of 2-4hr estimate to work on your feedback. Bigger projects will have a higher estimate of the project feedback time that I break down across the project phases.

If you require further revisions or project changes exceeding the scoped efforts, I will definitely work around your needs billing the time as project extension efforts.

Do I need to register any accounts or buy a domain?

I can register all of the service accounts on your behalf and transfer the ownership upon the project launch. This is usually the quickest option so that I'm not blocked with the access. But we can go with any option that you prefer, the difference is the billable time that goes towards coordination.

If you already have a registered domain, I will need access to your account to configure the DNS setting when launching the site. If you don't have a domain, I can work with you to have it sorted.

How do I keep track of the project progress?

I use ClickUp as the project and document management software. I invite you to the project where you'll be able to see all of the project tasks, delivery deadlines and scoped efforts per task.

I log time that I spend working on the project as I go and you'll be able to see the time logs within your account. We will also keep files, notes and documents within the project space. All of this can be added per task and we can collaborate in real time.

How do we keep in touch over the course of the project delivery?

We can run video/screenshare calls as well as email and messenger communication. We usually communicate around the scheduled delivery milestones such as a project kick-off, draft handover, feedback, launch etc. However feel free to reach out when you need my support or need clarifications.

I include project management and communication estimate within the project scope as a variable effort. It means if a small build has 3-4hr allocated within the scope, we can still go over the estimate but this time will be billed as a project extension effort.